I'd been mulling over upgrading to a paid GitHub account so that I could have a handful of private repos for projects I'm handling with my consultancy work, or for test purposes or whatever. I really like their platform, their support folks are great, but I was hesitant to shell out $100-ish for a year, to earn the ability to manage 5 private repos.

I spend some time idling in a few IRC channels, one on a private network run by some friends, and a couple others on public networks. One of the public channels has a handful of trustworthy sysadmin and developer types. One of the developer folks mentioned that he'd been using gitlab for source management. As I'd never thought to look into alternatives to GitHub, I thought I'd check it out. I deployed it on my production server, and...well, it's awesome. It's built on ruby/ror, and is just super fast and easy to use.

After deploying it, I cloned all my GitHub repos into it, bought a legit SSL certificate from my registrar and I've effectively given myself an unlimited number of private repos on my own hardware with my own well-tested backup strategy and stuff to keep things safe.

It's nice feeling sort of productive.