So, I've been sort of short on interesting stuff to work on lately. I'm not a big programmer type person. I like hardware, and I like learning OS' and such. What this means is that I got bored and decided I wanted to revisit FreeBSD again. I hadn't used it since 6.x (like...5 years ago) and thought that maybe I'd appreciate it more in my old age.

I set up a KVM VPS with my provider, deployed FreeBSD and sure enough, I like it a lot. I'm not a huge fan of waiting for stuff to build, and I don't really care for the package managemet (pkg_add) for binary stuff, so I just kinda bucked up and use portmaster for managing the ports tree and waited for stuff to build. After testing deployment of my common application frameworks and stuff on FreeBSD, I decided I'd give it a shot moving all my production services over from an Ubuntu VM. That also worked out well and had the side effect of actually being faster than Ubuntu.

So here we are again. I gave up my Arch install for Ubuntu, and now I'm running FreeBSD. I don't really see myself moving from BSD now that I'm using it though. Aside from being impatient and not wanting to wait for stuff to build, I really enjoy how logical everything is. One stop shop for network interface configs and service-related configs. All ports stuff gets put in /usr/local instead of mingling with all system binaries, etc. It just makes a lot more sense.