Thanks to a buddy of mine, I've bought into the craziness that is Rust. What's Rust? It's a post-apocalyptic-esque survival game, in development by Garry of Garry's Mod fame. It's in pre-release right now on Steam, and it's horribly addicting.

My friends and I had a string of bad luck with servers managed by people who don't pay attention, and with the frequency of updates to the Rust client, this meant that we'd establish ourselves on a server, only to have it disappear for a week until someone remembered to update it.

After having this happen on three occasions, I decided to rent my own server, which is now available if you're interested in playing with us. The title of the server is [US] The Road - 50% Craft|PvP|Limited C4|Sleep

To connect, simply launch Rust, press F1 and type (or paste) the following: net.connect and join our Steam community page