I've decided to migrate from Octopress to Ghost. While I enjoyed writing my blog in vi, I got sick of constantly having to rebuild and reformat and deploy and all the stuff that came with working with Jekyll and Octopress.

Additionally, I decided it would be a good idea to nuke all of my older content. Most of it was shitty, and not representative of "adult me", as it was mostly written when I was in my early twenties.

Ghost is powered by nodeJS, and in my case, I'm using nginx as a frontend for node, and running everything on the NetBSD VPS I mentioned in a previous post. It's pretty nice to be able to write in a browser and publish, so I'm hopeful maybe the ease of writing will encourage me to maybe post more stuff.

In the interim, I'll be having to go through older posts to fix broken markdown (got mangled when I exported using a python script) and fixing inline images and stuff. Then, I'll need to find a nice, lightly colored theme to try.