I recently picked up a new carry pistol, a S&W M&P 40c. I've had a full size version of this pistol since 2012, and it's easily my favorite pistol. The ergonomics are great, and the adjustable backstraps make it easy to fit my big-ass hands.

In contrast to Glocks, the M&P is overbuilt to run 40 S&W (vs 9mm), it has a substantial metal sub-frame large slide rails. The barrel has a "fully supported" chamber, and nice melonite finish which stands up to wear really well.

So, why another one of the same family? That's easy - the 40c is a shortened 40 full size, and as a result, fits in most of the same fitted holsters and accepts the same full size mags in addition to the shorter 10 round mags that ship with the gun. Additionally, the shorter grip length means that the gun conceals better. I'm a big dude, but I can't always conceal a full-size pistol comfortably, so the 40c fills that gap really well.

So far, I've run about 150 rounds of mixed 180 and 165gr FMJ, 180 and 155gr JHP, and all of it has cycled with nary a hiccup. The next order of business is to run some Federal HST 165gr through it to ensure it doesn't choke on the federal JHP profile, and after that, I should be good to go.

I'm taking another pistol course week after next, and I'm looking forward to further refining my technique and learning new stuff. I bought a membership to Calibers, an indoor shooting range and gun store, and I've been visiting once a week since it only costs me the price of ammo. With ammo scarcity finally waning, it's not such a cost-prohibitive thing for me to visit the range as often as I want to.