After watching a good number of hickok45's videos on Youtube, and hearing him often recommending Talon grips, I purchased a set for my new 40c.

The install was pretty painless, and the only tool/device required (aside from alcohol + wipes) was a hairdryer. The grip material I selected is textured rubber with an adhesive backing. You wipe down the grip surface with the alcohol, using a brush to agitate the surface if it's seen a lot of use.

In the case of my 40c, I left the large palmswell installed and merely wiped off the gun grip with 90% alcohol, then applied the Talon grip.

The grip itself is cut very well, and will accomodate all factory palmswell sizes. One caveat is that you can't remove or change the palmswell after installing the grip without removing it first.

The end result looked quite good and significantly improved my grip on the gun. I also purchased some extra mag finger extension grip material to apply to my spare magazines as well.


All in all, I'd absolutely purchase a set of Talon grips for other firearms that I think would benefit from the extra "stickiness" the material provides.