So, I've been away from my old job for about 2 months now. I've settled into a role including keeping the house clean, doing yard work, fixing stuff and traveling a bit. It's been nice.
Arkansas River Headwaters @ Nathrop, CO
Mt. Princeton, Mt. Yale, Mt. Harvard, Nathrop, CO

I figured that I'd be sick of doing this stuff by now, but because of my stress level with my old job, I think it's been sort of therapeutic for me to just take care of all this domestic stuff. It benefits my SO as well, as she doesn't have to do any of it herself.

I've found that our cats seem to be happier having me around too, which I wouldn't have expected because they're ornery little shitheads.

We went up to Colorado twice in the last month, once to Durango and once to Boulder-area (my home town).

That's another benefit to no longer being employed by my old company- being able to travel. It wasn't uncommon to go a year or more without being able to take more than a weekend off, despite being provided 10 hours of paid-time-off per pay period (260 hours per year!). Really though, what good is all that PTO if it's impossible to use it?

Carver Brewing in Durango, CO

brew pub & kitchen, Durango, CO


Still feeling pretty good.